Free Smart Start

Our personal training department, Smart PT, will maximize your fitness and send you on the fast track to meeting your goals. Whether you want to lose 20 pounds or 200 pounds, train for a sport or be all-around healthier, our staff has the knowledge and experience to guarantee you success!

We purchase a personal training session for each new member (yeah, we’re pretty awesome) so you can experience the real difference a personal trainer can have on you and your workout. Each Smart Start session lasts about an hour where you’ll talk with one of the qualified Smart PT Fitness Managers about your current fitness level and your goals. Based on that information, your Fitness Manager will design steps for your success both in and out of the gym and a timeline for you to meet your fitness goals.

To take advantage of this session come on in to your local Smart Gym and talk with one of our Fitness Managers. Be proud – you’re already one step closer to meeting your fitness goals!

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